What should I do if I see "Electromagnetic Interference at Sticks" error while using the FT Aviator app?

Some Mavic series pilots may see "Electromagnetic interference at sticks" appear on the top bar of the FT Aviator app. While it's possible that this is a real message if launching on a pile of steel rebar, in many cases this message is due to a bug in the DJI SDK. We've reported this to the developer team, but in the meantime we recommend the following:

1) Close your FT Aviator app and launch the DJI Go app corresponding to your drone.

2) Does the EMI message also appear in the Go app?

  • Yes: follow the instructions on your Go app to clear it, likely involving relocation to a different launch site.
  • No: if the message doesn't appear in the Go app, you're clear for launch with the Fluidity app.

3) Important: first close your DJI Go app, and then re-launch the FT Aviator app for flight.


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