Why can't I land by holding down the thumb-saddle on the FT Aviator?

Pressing and holding the thumb-saddle on the FT Aviator, will initiate the landing sequence and spin down the props.  If that is not working properly on your craft and it stops and hovers 2-3 ft off the ground please try the following:

  1. Close the FT Aviator app, open the DJI Go App, and enter the flight page
  2. Tap Settings on the DJI Go flight page (top right corner with 3 dots) or the red Sensor Icon on the top bar of the same page
  3. This opens Sensor Settings (Visual Navigation Settings): toggle "Landing Spot Check" (if available for your drone), else "Downward Vision Positioning" to off (no green); if Mavic 2, only disable landing protection
  4. Close the DJI Go app and reopen the FT Aviator app

This should enable the craft to land successfully under the control of your FT Aviator.

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