Why am I unable to connect to the DJI Controller and Drone in the FTAviator App?

You're ready to fly.  Drone is on, DJI remote is on, green lights flashing on each signaling all is right in the world.  Your smart device is connected to the DJI remote via the proper USB cable, you launch the app and you see the DJ Controller and Drone did not turn blue and don't show a battery %

You have no connection to the DJI controller and drone. 

You have tried power cycling the controller, re-plugging the USB cable, and maybe even closed and re-opened the app.  All excellent troubleshooting steps, yet the issue persists.

At this stage you will want to:

1.  Close all open apps and unplug the USB cable from the device

2.  In Android go into the Settings menu > Apps > FTAviator > Set as Default 

3.  If the FTAviator app is set as the default, press the "Clear defaults" button.

4.  If not, repeat the process with any other DJI App installed on the device, ensuring all defaults are cleared

5  Restart the FTAviator app and re-plug the USB cable

6.  When given the option to chose which app to use for that USB connection select FTAviator and "Just Once"

Hopefully now you will see both Icon's turn blue and display the battery % indicating a connection




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