How does the single-handed controller work?

The FT Aviator works in concert with your DJI radio. It reduces pilot workload by putting the primary flight controls in a single hand. The base is optimized for improved access to camera control, typically held comfortably in the non-dominant hand, and features a 1/4-20 mount for a tripod. An old fashioned two-thumbed gaming controller requires iteration, thought and practice. With the FT Aviator, even a first-time drone pilot can do a perfect Figure 8 or an inward-facing, ascending spiral within 5 minutes of a brief introduction. There are other cool features incorporated into the controller to provide situational awareness cues, improve safety and improve upon the camera control features of a typical radio. The FT Aviator also gives tactile feedback when inputting a command, and also when not, which can be just as important. Learn more about how to fly with the FT Aviator below:

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